Customized Mobile App Development Solution

My Clinical Study BuddyMy Protocal PalToday's mHealth technology has the ability to integrate study implementation into daily activities, which can reduce enrollment costs and timelines, and alleviate the biggest pressure points from a sponsor, site, and patient’s perspective. QuoMedic GmbH offers a powerful app building platform that allows you to design and develop a completely custom mobile experience.

♦ Dedicated App Building Team

Helps you configure and customize your mobile app by tapping into our extensive library of functionalities and features.

♦ Native iOS and Android™ Frameworks

Enjoy more reliable performance plus full integration with native mobile device features like GPS, phone, and calendars, as well as Apple® ResearchKit.

    My Clinical Study Buddy® [1]                     Protocol Pal™ [2]            ♦ Complete Lifecycle Support

Quickly design, build, deploy, and manage your mobile app through one central location – saving you time and money.