Part II: Patient Recruitment in Germany, an Inside Look with QuoMedic

This is the second installment of our series showcasing our European Alliance partner, QuoMedic. To read the first interview responses, click here.

How likely is a physician to recommend a clinical trial as a treatment option in Europe?

Due to the enormous differences between the various countries in Europe, it is impossible to give a general answer that is valid for all. However, time with the patient is a concern for many physicians throughout the region. In Germany – one of the most important markets in Europe and headquarters of our company – we have a strong healthcare system, and yet many doctors complain about a lack of time with their patients. The factors critical to the patient concerning clinical trial participation can only be put into perspective and shown realistically if the doctors have enough time to educate their patients.

What gives QuoMedic a competitive edge in the patient recruitment industry in Europe?

The fact that most studies do not start on time because of site initiation has enormous implications for pharmaceutical companies. With this understanding, and the belief that effective patient recruitment helps pharmaceutical companies complete their clinical trials on time, we have supported many patient recruitment projects in Europe together with BBK. Our clients benefit from BBK’s expertise, a company which over the past 30 years has recruited more than half a million patients.

How can clinical trial sponsors benefit from the relationship between QuoMedic and BBK?

In this constantly evolving industry, it is imperative that companies continue to adapt and innovate. We have adapted to the industry by forming QuoMedic from MEDEORA to provide effective services and products in this growing market. As a member of the Patient Recruitment Global Alliance, we're always at the forefront of the latest technologies for clinical trial patient recruitment constantly examining the challenges sponsors face and developing solutions that will support patients, sites, monitors, and sponsors. BBK’s expertise in patient recruitment, coupled with our experience in the German healthcare market and our networks within our European partners, allow us to support pharmaceutical companies globally. To reference a blog posted by Erica Mercado, Global Patient Recruitment – Alliance vs. Vendor, "It is not enough to have a network of international vendors. By forming relationships similar to those in the Patient Recruitment Global Alliance, sponsors have access to companies with, not only a global footprint, but also cultural and industry knowledge that is imperative in order to effectively strategize and implement."

Stay tuned to hear more from our other Patient Recruitment Global Alliance partners.

Autor: Cécilia Mesa, 14.10.2013