"You can’t hide from the patient."

Iris Loew-Friedrich
In a recent interview, eyeforpharma spoke with Iris Loew-Friedrich, CMO at UCB on how patient insights are present at every stage in their clinical development and beyond.
In this detailed 4-page paper,  Iris Loew-Friedrich, CMO at UCB shared:

- A direct example of how her clinical team was transformed to ‘walk in the patient’s shoes’
- How UCB view the tangible benefits of patient-centric clinical trials
- The two key elements that are unique to truly embedding patient-centricity across drug development
- The evolution of clinical trials today and regaining public trust

"It wouldn’t be too unfair to describe the general pharmaceutical industry’s adoption of patient centricity as, at best, ‘tentative’. Many companies still appear to be on the fence, despite passionate words from key executives. Very few companies have fully aligned these initiatives with commercial performance. Yet there are bold, resolute pockets of strength and commitment, and UCB is well-known for being one of those pockets. Iris Loew-Friedrich, Chief Medical Officer, describes in an interview with Paul Simms, how there really is no hiding place at her company, when it comes to patient centricity. The concept is embedded so deeply that patient insights are present at every stage in clinical development and beyond." writes Paul Simms.

Download the exclusive discussion here.

Quelle: eyeforpharma