Site Engagement

Improving efficiency and performance.

Your Study Nurse

Hand mit HerzYour Study Nurse helps increase the number of eligible patients who contact your site and streamlines the screening process for site staff. Often, online screeners are too long, causing patients to lose interest before completing them.

With Your Study Nurse, online screeners can be streamlined, helping patients to stay engaged. Once patients complete the online screener, Your Study Nurse calls them with a standard set of questions through an IRB-approved script to screen them further. Your sites engage with only truly qualified patients, ready to enroll.

  • Boosts screening with optimal efficiency
  • Speeds enrollment
  • Eases staff burden


Call Center Support and Management

Call Center Support & ManagementNow you can take the complexity and burden out of call center services for study teams, and enable them to better focus on activities most crucial to clinical research. Our global call center offers a staff that's dedicated specifically to healthcare, clinical trials, and pharmaceuticals worldwide, all fully customized to fit your needs.

Responsive, patient-friendly, and effective, our call center is designed to enhance adaptive patient recruitment and retention performance, and alleviate time-consuming tasks for staff. Our global call center also offers a wide range of language capabilities.

  • Customized needs assessment and recommendations
  • Full system setup, training, and ongoing management
  • Efficient inbound / outbound prescreening calls
  • Fast database outreach
  • Timely referral follow-up calls

Website Development for Physicians

Designed, built, and optimized specifically for a medical audience, QuoMedic optimized website solutions engage physicians right from the first click.

Our study-branded websites redefine the online experience, providing high-level study-related content that informs and motivates.

Functionality maximizes referrals through a "two-click" referral process that sends referrals to the appropriate investigator or member of the site staff. The "Tell a Colleague" option allows physicians to easily send an e-mail notification to fellow specialists.

Optimized physician websites can be developed in conjunction with referring physician outreach programs.

  • Designated to meet the specific challenges of physician engagement
  • Referral mechanism simplifies the process and eliminates timely delays
  • Employs search engine optimization for maximum exposure

Protocol Pal™ Site Engagement Mobile App Platform

My Protocal PalAs the clinical trial process becomes increasingly complex, you will encounter new challenges throughout your study’s life cycle. Ensuring that site staff is informed, and maintaining consistency across site operations, is essential to clinical trial success. Protocol Pal provides sponsors and CROs a way to keep your clinical trial on track by engaging directly with site staff on a whole new level.

  • Prescreening Tool

Quickly prescreen potential study participants to determine eligibility

  • Resources

Deliver and store the most up-to-date regulatory-approved documents

  • Key Study Dates

Centralize important study milestones for quick and easy referenc

  • Polling Features

Easily identify areas for site retraining to maximize protocol compliance

  • Streaming Video

Private broadcasts allow for ongoing interactive training opportunities

  • Study Contacts

Streamline study communications with a directory of key team members

The Protocol Pal is a product of BBK Worldwide, the recognized leader in patient recruitment and engagement. BBK’s innovative software solutions and consulting services leverage the company’s adaptive recruitment methodology to protect global enrollment integrity, specifically within an ever-changing or threatened landscape.

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